Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Merry Christmas and ER Visit

Merry Christmas everyone!

Or close enough anyway! We enjoy Christmas and are really enjoying it being here at home base, it is the first time in 10 years that Tony will not be able to sing "I'll be homeless for Christmas..." and we are all taking advantage of it! Christmas cookies, Christmas trees, lights, some presents. The great thing is that we are doing this all with running water!

Now are crew is TERRIBLE about waiting for it to actually be Christmas before we give our presents, so Aubrey gave Tony his present in advance, an axe. It is a fairly practical present considering we have 3 wood stoves to fill for the winter and a pile of wood that still needs to be split. The guys have been splitting like crazy and the rest of us have been hauling and stacking but there still is more to do. So Tony headed out to the woodpile to try out his new axe. He was back in a few minutes later limping and groaning (NOT a good sign considering he has such a high pain tolerance, ask his family because boy do we have some stories!), he had swung the axe for the first time not knowing that the handle was iced and slick, as he swung down it came out of his hands and caught him in the leg. Despite his protests the guys hauled him to the ER where he had his muscle stitched back together and his wound stitched back up, all the while he was asking if they could just throw a few butterfly bandages on it and call it good! Thank the Lord he didn't split the muscle the other way, he split it "with the grain", and that it hit the meaty part of his leg and not knee, foot or ankle! He is having to take it easy right now and is not enjoying his couch time.

Sharayah was also in the ER this past week for an infection and was put on IV antibiotics on top of having the flu. Thankfully she is sounding much better now.

So that is the excitement from the Freedom Seed front, feel free to share your Christmas stories with us!

But really, joking aside, this is a wonderful season and we pray that you and yours will find as much joy in it as we are.


Jasmine and the gang