Sunday, July 25, 2010

To Reach and To Touch

Our team just wrapped up a whirlwind weekend in Minneapolis playing music at Corner Coffee and staying with The Source/Fallout crew during their art festival. Tapestry played music twice, our crew helped set up and tear down and put on a performance as well as leading the drum circle. It was fantastic.

We have put together and performed for the first time at the Fallout art festival a new production. One of the biggest points of the production is touching, the power of touch to break through the "bubbles" of our lives, the human touch and the touch of the Divine.

I dug through the Freedom Seed archives and found some pictures that really struck a chord, that showed the power of touch through an expression or gesture captured, and here I would say "on film" but we all know that it is now all digital, so... captured moments.

 Paul connecting in Sweden

 Tracy touching in Mexico

Andrew carrying in India

Sharayah taking a hold of life in India

Paul in India

Aubrey in India

Is it the bread or the touch that is life?

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Cornerstone Adventure - July News

Our Cornerstone crew was privileged enough to have an adventure on their way home. In small-town Iowa the small RV they were driving blew it's engine. Classic Freedom Seed. This is when everyone was glad that we have a home base and there were several of us here able to drive a few vehicles down and pick them up. 20 hours later we all arrived home in one piece and with our sanity, or what is left of it, intact. The RV on the other hand... it was safely laid to rest in a salvage yard.

Cornerstone was great for our team. There were ministry connections made for inner city ministry in Minneapolis. Our team will be headed down the end of this month to play music, put on a interactive art/drama presentation and lead drum circles at the Fallout art festival.

Tapestry will also be performing at a downtown Minneapolis coffee house the day before.

In the meantime we are busting our tails on getting things prepped for another winter, prepping art, drama and music as well as having people in and out all summer. Everyone is gearing up for the LifeLight music festival Tony will become more and more focused on getting this years festival on the ground in it's new location.

We are also praying about purchasing a business here in Bemidji that would allow us to work during the summer and get our team out in the nations during the winter. It would also free our people up to have small teams take turns going to all the events and ministries during the summer as it has been quite difficult with the corporate jobs. Difficult, but not impossible.

Make sure and check out our new web site.

One more big THANK YOU! to those who participated in the Get Well 2, you are consistently generous and it is gratitude that can't form itself in to words that is yours.


Jasmine C.
Freedom Seed Mobile Youth Church