Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring Searching

We are all on a search. Thankfully not on a search for Hope. We've found Hope. We're not in search of inspiration or on a search for Love because we have those things blooming in our lives, overflowing really. We're not even on a search for a home. We have a temporary one here and a permanent one to look forward to.

It really sunk in that we had a home to come back to when a few of us went down to Texas on what was supposed to be a week long trip that ended up including a four day trip down there through what was dubbed "the blizzard of the century". Unbelievably icy roads and crazy weather conditions and to top it all of I (Jasmine) had a car accident with Aubrey, Jude and Cheydon all in the car with me. My car is totaled. So instead of relaxing when we arrived at Tracy's mom's apartment a couple of us headed out the next day to go car shopping and started the long process of getting things settled with the insurance. Not exactly what we were expecting. We are all OK and we all felt an incredible sense of relief that we finally had a home to go to after something like this happened. We didn't have to point our bus in a direction and end up in some place to park for the night. We came home to recover and it feels good.

So what are we on a search for? Ways to sustain our community and to make it so that we all have flexible schedules and way more avenues to reach out. We are looking forward to young people arriving this summer to be trained, to "gap year" and to be rehabilitated as young adults with a desire to seek out Christ. So we are leading by example. We are seeking the best way to be self sustaining because at this point there aren't any more options and since those are the circumstances we find ourselves in right now we know that Jesus has orchestrated them and is leading us in to new adventures that we are charging boldly in to this spring.

If you are interested or know a young adult who would be interested in spending the summer up here this year please get in contact with us. You can also read more about our "program" at