Wednesday, September 08, 2010

LifeLight '10

We had a great time at LifeLight this year. The attendance exceeded all previous years on the new piece of property, over 300,000 people attended over the three day festival. Our crew is just arriving home and everyone is completely wiped out. There was plenty of work to go around as Tony is the Festival Coordinator/Operations Manager. Our crew ran a kitchen to feed the whole ops. crew which turned out to be almost 100 for most meals.

Tapestry performed as well as Freedom Seed's drama team. Paul and Jasmine ran the 5k, Paul was 5th overall (170-something runners) and Jasmine placed 2nd in her age category.

Tapestry has an opportunity to go on tour this coming year so we are currently checking doors. If you are interested in having Tapestry play at your event please get in touch with us.

Sharayah and Nathan are in need of a cabin now and there is a lot of wood to collect for the winter.

Laura came up from Texas for the festival and made the trip to the north woods once again for another week, we are happy to have her.

We are now waiting for Aubrey and Paul's new arrival who is due to join the family sometime in the next few weeks.

There are a lot of things on the plate and we are looking forward to what God has over the next couple of months.