Thursday, June 22, 2006

Communion Directions

To get directions to the "Communion grounds" please go to: - enter your starting point and then enter this address:

44526 County Rd 3
Becida, MN 56678

If you get lost or want to clarify directions feel free to call us at:


Don't forget your bugspray, sleeping stuff, some warm clothes, food
and whatever else you got off the list that we sent out.

Feel free to get ahold of us if you have ANY questions, there are no
stupid questions.

God bless and we are looking forward to seeing you!

Jasmine for Freedom Seed

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What To Bring

Please make sure and read all of the following if you are at all interested in coming to
this year's Communion, and if even if you are not please take some time to read this over
and add it to your prayers. Please bear with us as it is a little long.

Begin your "Communion" experience now!

We would like to give you an overview of what the grounds and weather are like here in

It is a wooded acreage, it borders state land, there are plenty of walking trails,
perfect for spending your quite time with the Lord or relaxing and enjoying the company
of a friend(s).

There are several small lakes within a 2 mile walking distance though we are pretty sure
only the brave will want to swim as you will be accompanied by plenty of leeches.

Ticks, mosquito's and other insects abound. But don't let that scare you off, just think
of the African jungle, and bring more bug spray!

It can be cold at night, cool to very cool in the evening and anywhere from very warm to
cool in the daytime.

It is incredibly beautiful, you will think you are staying at a state park.

Town is about a 25 minute drive away and it is the nearest place to shop (for anything,
including bug spray, groceries...).

There are lots of camp sites where you can camp close to someone else or in a secluded

Solar showers could be used and swimwear is suggested for shower use.

Following is a list is of what we do have and what we do not have. We want you all to
look at this as a training spot in all areas of missions, so when you are about to head
out on the foreign field you must know what your spot has and what they do not have, what
will be supplied and what you must bring.

What We Do Have
1 outdoor shower
Cooking Utensils
A freezer
1 grill
1 small cooler
A Culligan 5 gallon water dispenser (the on-site water is full of iron... that rusts as
you watch it)
Fire rings and wood (some cut, some not) + chainsaw and ax
10 camping chairs or so
1 picnic table
Sound equipment
Outhouse (with a limited supply of toilet paper)
A volleyball net

What We Do NOT Have (needs)

Food to feed at least 40 (or so) people, 4 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 4 dinners
A large supply of drinking water
Tents or sleeping gear (for you)
Camping chairs (also for you)
Bug spray
S'more stuff (this was Matthias's addition)
At the moment - running water, we are working on that! (please pray for that)
Sufficient coolers for food
Volleyball or any other balls or frisbees (etc.) for games...
Also, we have NO fireworks as of yet

We have divided camp chores in to 4 categories, please choose one that you feel you would
be suited to and that may determine what you bring - please let us know what category you

1. Firewood Gathering
2. Kitchen (Cooking)
3. Kitchen (Cleanup)
4. Camp cleanup

For your personal ministries, anything you would like to share, please bring your own
supplies (drama, drawing, interactive games...ect.). Also, if you would like to share
something with us, music, a testimony a drama... please let us know.

One of our projects is to make several evangelical media presentations (you will find out
more when you arrive). If you have a digital camcorder PLEASE bring it!

If there are to be more interactive activities that require you bringing something, we
will let you know.

Don't forget your Bible, notebook and pen or pencil.

Once again, the Communion starts Sat. July 1st, people will start arriving in the
afternoon, the evening meal will start at 6. The event concludes July 4th after the
evening service and fireworks(?) (though you will want to spend the night that night if
possible). Breakfast and cleanup on Wednesday morning for those who are able to stay

Please make your own lists of supplies from the information above, if you have any
questions please contact us by e-mailing (reply to this message).

Also, to interact with us and with other who will be attending the Communion this year,
to get ideas or express concerns we have opened a blogspot, at the bottom of each blog
post you can leave a comment and read other's comments, please make use of it! The
address is:

Thank you!
Jasmine for Freedom Seed

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Communion Invite

Mark the date July 1-5!

This is a date in history as the radical and ancient
yet new Church comes together to commune, share and
learn, to worship, praise, pray, fast and feast, to
serve to love and to share all things in common.

The date is set: July 1-5 2006.

The place is set: Just outside of Bemidji, Minnesota.

We are making the call. Will you answer?

We will be missions focused, we will be discussing and
learning the HOW in the WHERE.

We will be calling other missionaries and ministers in
to share but also you all are to come with things to
share (art, testimony, music, dance ect.).

24-7 prayer and worship will be going on.

We will fast and feast.

We will commune!

Questions? just drop us a note.

On Fire for Christ, let it shine let it shine let it

Freedom Seed

"Light yourself on fire and people will come for miles
to watch you burn"