Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Freedom Seed Q&A

We have recently written out an informal Q&A about Freedom Seed that I have attached to the end of this e-mail. We hope it will give you a better insight in to what Freedom Seed is about and the methods we use to train people and why.

Learners are teachers.

What are the PEMS? The PEMS stand for Physical Emotional Mental and Supernatural. They are the way the Freedom Seed has chosen to verbalize the steps that we take to reach and share freedom in Christ.

Why do we use them? They give us practical steps to walk out on a daily basis and a way to clean up our “garbage”.

Where did the basis of how we learn/train come from? Both the 12 Steps of AA and the years that the Pembertons and later Freedom Seed spent traveling and serving.

What do we think about honesty? Honesty is essential. Both with God and with others. We can not stress enough how important honesty is.

How important is community to us? Community is the way we have chosen to walk out our lives so that we are able to practice on a daily basis the PEMS and to be continually challenged in our walk. It also gives us lots of room to practice service. Community is a growing place for us and our refuge. It is very important.

What goes to Heaven or what do you take with you? The only thing that you take with you are your relationships.

What do we think about manipulation? Manipulation in all it's forms is plainly and simply sin. It is not tolerated for any length of time in the group. Manipulation destroys relationship.

What is manipulation? The dictionary defines manipulation as: “To manage or influence skillfully, esp. in an unfair manner.” and “to adapt or change to suit one's purpose or advantage.”. Manipulation is using people to get what you want.

Responsibility and __________ go hand in hand. AUTHORITY!

Why? If you are not responsible with small things you can not handle larger things. The more responsible you are the more people will trust you.

How do chores show readiness for ministry? Once again if you are not able to do the small things you will not be able to do the larger things. Ministry is hard work and often involves a lot of menial jobs. Often times it is hard work that breaks the ice with people so we are able to minister to them. Chores prepare you for this.

Why do your leaders choose to stand aside and let people learn without direct supervision? We believe that natural consequences are often the best teachers. You will not constantly be supervised throughout your life so why start that way?

What kind of churches do we intend to plant? Circle style churches. Churches that function like our small community.

Why don't we have “traditional” teaching? Everyone has something to share and it is important that everyone is given a chance to share during a meeting. Different things touch different people.

What do we think about the “Church”? We love the Church and know that it spans through time and we are a vital part of that.

What do we think about the Bible? It is truth and inspiration. It is inspired.

Do we have any interest in becoming a status quo church? No.

What is our mission philosophy on how to reach people? Relationship, relationship, relationship.

Why do we choose to do this in community? In community we learn how to grow and maintain healthy, Godly, relationship.

How did Freedom Seed start? Freedom Seed started with a family knowing that there was something more. This family spent lots of prayer time and decided as a family to start doing. And they have done ever since.

How did the “Pembertons” become ministers? By stepping out and doing. The next thing. And then the next.

What is the FS mandate for the leaders? Serve!

Why do we share with other people? We share with others because it is what keeps us alive and vital. And it is selfish to keep silent about water in the desert.

Why? Without reaching out we do not have anything new running through our lives. We dry up.

What do we think about young people and children in ministry? They are a vital part of our lives and therefore our ministry. Young people and children can speak profoundly in to a ministry. They should always be included and listened to.

What do we think about the supernatural? It is very real and active in our lives.

What are some of the supernatural things have we have seen? We have experienced many spiritual things including healing, deliverance, multiplication... etc.

Why do we meet regularly? We meet on a regular basis to gauge where everyone is at and to check up on each other. We also meet to pray and worship. It is one of the ways that we stay connected with God and others.

How important is disciplin? Very. If you are not disciplined you will not be able to live in community or a foreign country.

Why do we care about people's motives in ministry? Motive is everything. There is no point in ministry if there is wrong motive.

Why do we have our potential teachers/leaders/church planters work the 12 steps over and over again? So in AA terms they “carry the message and not the mess”. Also so that they commit the Steps to memory so they are able to recall what they need to assist them while ministering to others.

What do we think about taking on other people's responsibilities? Why? It's not to be done. It becomes unhealthy when we take on responsibility that does not belong to us.

Do we think this is the only way to learn/teach? No. There are many different ways to learn and to teach. For some people there very well may be a better way.

Are we interested in another way? No. Though we choose to remain teachable and incorporate new things in to our ministry and lives we have established a way that works for us and are not interested in changing that.

What is the most important thing in our lives? Christ. And Him crucified. Christ in us and through us. Christ behind and before us. Jesus.

Spring Anyone?

Hello all,

We are hoping that cabin fever is not setting in for you all as it has begun to for us. It has not been terrible so far this winter as everyone has been quite busy but the tail end is always the roughest. Jude especially is ready to spend some time outdoors. We have been enjoying the Olympics this past week and that has eased the fever a bit.

Big news around here is that Aubrey and Paul are expecting baby #2! He or she is due at the beginning of October.

Plans for the Freedom Seed summer camp and coming together and we are hoping that you are thinking of joining us. We do need everyone who is planning on attending to let us know and have an initial payment of $100 in by May 30. This will give us time to get all of our supplies together for your arrival.

If you have any questions about camp please e-mail us or give us a call.

As always questions, comments and conversation is always welcome.


Jasmine C.


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