Thursday, January 14, 2010

Summer Camp Details

Hello all!

Just wanted to start of by giving a big THANKS to the Lord for clearing up Sharayah's HUGE medical bills!

We hope you are all doing well and looking forward to it getting warmer, we are all happy since the weather has broken in to the 20's here for the last couple of days, we are laughing because we are going to be like the rest of the Minnesotans and be in our shorts and t-shirts as soon as it hits 50.

Speaking of summer I wanted to give you a few more details about our summer camp.

The camp title is PEMS* it will run June 4 - 13 the cost is $200 this will cover your food and drinks and maybe some s'more materials!

PEMS* is the way the Freedom Seed trains people and the way we live out our lives in a Christ-centered missional community and it is how we carry the message (and not the mess) to the field. During the 10 days of camp you will be immersed in this training, you will be challenged Physically Emotionally Mentally and Supernaturally and you will come out changed, strengthened, encouraged and empowered to do life.

We don't want to spoil the fun so I am going to be a bit vague but you will be participating in lots of these things: eating diverse foods, getting out in to nature, spending time with people, outreaching, worshiping, praying, sharing, working and playing, these will be carried out in unique and challenging ways.

You will be camping and it will be a bit on the primitive side, come geared up to smell like a camp fire for a few days!

This is going to be fun!

Please get in touch with us if you are interested so we can make sure and get you on our list.

Questions? Please don't hesitate to drop us a note.

We love you all and look forward to seeing you soon!


Jasmine C.

Freedom Seed

Mobile Youth Church
44528 County Rd. 3
Becida, MN 56678


Thursday, January 07, 2010

2010 Summer Camp

Happy New Year! We hope you rang in the New Year with joy, peace, hope and LOVE!

Freedom Seed MYC had a re-focus mind map where we write out all of our plans and ideas as a visual prayer and inspiration, a brainstorm time, this past week and are awed to see how God has been speaking to all of us and are inspired for this year. More on this to come in the next months.

We have also revamped our web page in hopes that it will be easier to navigate and contain more information. It is still in construction phase but should be completed by this weekend. Feel free to let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions about what kind of information you would like to see let us know.

I am going to jump ahead to this summer so that you all can start making plans, you do not want to miss out on this!

10 Day Summer Camp - June 4-13

Mark your calendars and get registered! Freedom Seed MYC is hosting a 10 day summer camp June 4-13. This is going to be 10 days of nock your socks off fun and communion. These ten days will be full of meetings, food, fellowship, games, worship, dance, drama, art, fire spinning and whatever else you come up with to bring, that’s right I said what you bring! This is old school Church where everyone brings something to share whether that is music, art, a writing, your story, a verse from the Bible, just don’t come empty handed!

So what do you need to do? Drop us a note letting us know you are coming. We are asking for a $200 check per person (if you are already a supporter please contact us first) to Freedom Seed, this is going to cover your food/drinks and other supplies for the 10 days.
Then you need to get here!
After you drop us a note letting us know you are coming we will put you on a contact list and as the time draws closer we will send you a packing list.

We are looking forward to seeing you here!

If you are under 18 a parent must accompany you.

We love you all.

In Christ,

Jasmine C.

Freedom Seed
Mobile Youth Church
44528 County Rd 3
Becida, MN 56678


(Cabin phone #, yes we can actually answer it and talk with you!)