Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Communion Invite

Mark the date July 1-5!

This is a date in history as the radical and ancient
yet new Church comes together to commune, share and
learn, to worship, praise, pray, fast and feast, to
serve to love and to share all things in common.

The date is set: July 1-5 2006.

The place is set: Just outside of Bemidji, Minnesota.

We are making the call. Will you answer?

We will be missions focused, we will be discussing and
learning the HOW in the WHERE.

We will be calling other missionaries and ministers in
to share but also you all are to come with things to
share (art, testimony, music, dance ect.).

24-7 prayer and worship will be going on.

We will fast and feast.

We will commune!

Questions? just drop us a note.

On Fire for Christ, let it shine let it shine let it

Freedom Seed

"Light yourself on fire and people will come for miles
to watch you burn"


Jasmine Pemberton - Freedom Seed Secretary said...

Please leave your comments here!
Jasmine Pemberton - Freedom Seed Secretary

Jesse said...

I have been giving a great amount of thought( translate that as prayer and thought) to the upcoming communion. I have a feeling that is like a New Testament gathering. If I read you right there may be a "program" but that if someone has a word or if you feel that someone ought to share then they wil do that? Right? Man that sounds like NT to me. We are looking forward to the week end. Blessing on you all