Sunday, July 25, 2010

To Reach and To Touch

Our team just wrapped up a whirlwind weekend in Minneapolis playing music at Corner Coffee and staying with The Source/Fallout crew during their art festival. Tapestry played music twice, our crew helped set up and tear down and put on a performance as well as leading the drum circle. It was fantastic.

We have put together and performed for the first time at the Fallout art festival a new production. One of the biggest points of the production is touching, the power of touch to break through the "bubbles" of our lives, the human touch and the touch of the Divine.

I dug through the Freedom Seed archives and found some pictures that really struck a chord, that showed the power of touch through an expression or gesture captured, and here I would say "on film" but we all know that it is now all digital, so... captured moments.

 Paul connecting in Sweden

 Tracy touching in Mexico

Andrew carrying in India

Sharayah taking a hold of life in India

Paul in India

Aubrey in India

Is it the bread or the touch that is life?

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Tracy Pemberton said...

I love these pictures. What a great time this weekend was. It is good to be out touching people again!