Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Season

It's a new season! And we mean that in other ways than just the weather though it is getting progressively chillier.

First off we would like to introduce you to our newest member - Cheydon Michael Krueger, born Oct. 13 @ 8 a.m. weighing 7 pounds 3 ounces.

Everyone is busy adjusting to the new little body in our midst.

In other not so exciting news. MOst of our time and effort is being spent building Sharayah and Nathan a winter-worthy space to live and prepping our community for the cold months ahead.

We currently do not have any interns but will be welcoming a few in the spring/summer of this coming year.

We have changed the name of our band to "Daughters of Exile" (you can find us on facebook at and will be recording here in the next couple of weeks.

We have been sending small teams out about one to two times per month for a variety of events including art outreaches, concerts, inner-city, midwifery, school, childbirth education, photography and more.

Most of our crew is working full time at the moment. Over the course of the winter we hope to start several small businesses that would help our ministry to be self-supporting, freeing our crew up to be even more available especially for extended traveling and short notice ventures.

We are also working on new (to us) and innovative ways of reaching out using the internet.

For us there is no such thing as "down time"!

We welcome your questions and comments, ok, we more than welcome them, we really enjoy them.

Love from the whole FS crew.

Jasmine C.


dust in the wind said...

Sounds awesome! And Chayden looks like a WONDERFUL addition :) What kind of small businesses are you guys thinking up?

PAUL said...

nice Jazz, i know where you were when you wrote this.. nice. :)
i see it is high stress!

Anonymous said...

What does an internship look like at Freedom Seed?

Jasmine Carlson said...

We are looking at starting a small time construction/clean up/renovation/odd job/landscaping crew for the summers and starting a mobile coffee house, both are in the works.

An internship at Freedom Seed means you come live here for 1 - 6 months, mostly you will do every day life, that is the most almost anyone can take because it is so challenging living in community and staying busy constantly as well as brainstorming outreaches. You participate in outreaches (about one or two a month) and work, either a job and/or volunteering to help people we know around the area who need assistance.
You learn to cook, clean and how to serve in general.
You learn to spiritually feed yourself from what you know and a lot of your beliefs are questioned and you are challenged to give voice to them and the reason that you believe them.

That is just a rough overview.

Jasmine Carlson said...
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