Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Beautiful Chaos

We had a meeting last night. Surprisingly we don't have very many serious meetings around here. When things are rolling they are just rolling and there aren't many glitches other than the occasional growly day that someone might experience.
That is one thing. You always know when someone is having an "off" day. You can stay in you personal cabin all you want but sometime you are going to have to come out to eat or something and people are going to see whatever mood your in. We like to call it fish bowl living, I know, original huh?

Our meeting revolved around unholy vs holy and what does that mean? What does that mean in practical application? We don't like anything that we can't really dig our teeth in to, we want to be able to touch it, smell it and taste it. It all boiled down to is whatever you are doing or thinking of doing going to take you closer to Jesus or farther away? Is going to distract you? Distance you? And you standing there making the choice whether that thing is "good" or "evil" pretty much answers the question for you right there - there was one tree that was to be eaten from and that was the tree of Life not of the knowledge of good and evil.

Our meetings are always open forum. People are free to talk, cry, even get angry. Everyone is welcome to express their feelings and their frustrations or a bit of knowledge that they've picked up. We debate. We get emotional. And we all tough it out until we've discussed it from all angles and then we have coffee and some sort of baked good and someone cracks a joke (and believe me they are never the "so the chicken crossed the road" type) and everyone is laughing. And there are babies yelling, did I mention that?

Beautiful chaos filled Life.


PAUL said...

sounds so messy and involved to me.

Jasmine Carlson said...

It is. Messy. Involved. It's a great way too make the best friends you'll ever have and to build character that you would never be able to otherwise.