Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Camping at the base camp park and military family

Our place looks like a park. It is amazing out at the base house right now. Tony built a childrens play area complete with swings and slide. We have expanded the yard and are going to put in a bit of a sports area. We are working on a bit of a kitchen expansion... we are in need of a little more room. Things have changed a bit this summer and instead of a couple of young adults coming up we are having a little family move in! A military family is moving in to the community while "dad" is overseas for a year. We are very excited to have them come! They will arrive at the end of July.

Most of our crew is headed to Cornerstone at the end of this month. Daughters of Exile will be playing Thursday evening. We have an art festival shortly afterwards in Minneapolis. There are also babies on the way so Tracy will be traveling on a semi regular basis. I'll be taking some coffee brewing classes in prep for the coffee stand at LifeLight.

Here's the really important part for you! Freedom Seed's Communion is coming up! And like I said it is like a park up here! July 28 - 31 - Come camp!

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