Thursday, July 13, 2006

275,000 Attend LifeLight

They said it couldn't be done...

275,000 people attended this years Life Light Festival. On Saturday night alone there were 100,000 in attendance.

The work that was involved is another story.

First of all we would like to thank all of you who support us as you as well are a part of this work. Without your prayers and financial support we could not have done this.

The volunteers that we had this year were incredible. There were people that gave of there time and work so much more than could ever be asked of them, it was incredible and we are very thankful to these people as they made all of our jobs easier, we are priveledged to have worked with them this year.
Everyone at the new location (Wild Water West) was great to work with.

Freedom Seed has been a vital part of the Festival this year. There are some that are saying: "If you all are not doing the festival this year then neither are we". We do not say that to puff ourselves up but we want you to know not only that your support is going somewhere that it is being used in His work but also so that you know what you are a part of.

Tony was Operations Manager, Tracy was Volunteer Coordinator, Jasmine was Volunteer Hospitality Coordinator, Matthias was Tony's assistant and all around do everything along with Sharayah and Aubrey.
Tony was an MC for the Main stage. Jasmine was late night MC a night on Souled Out.

Tapestry (Freedom Seed's band) played on the FireHouse stage and well as Main stage this year. Tapestry was part of a call to missions on Main stage; they played between the O.C. Supertons (who are on their farewell tour) and Salvador.
Tapestry will also be on tour in October with 3 other bands, 10 cities in 10 days, look for us in a town near you!

Matthias and Aubrey's band opened the Souled Out stage Thursday afternoon. Aubrey had her picture in the newspaper the following morning.

Freedom Seed has received offers from numerous places of service including Gospel for Asia, Ridgeway, a chance to go serve in Baton Rouge and of course, the LifeLight Festival. Please be in prayer that the doors will open where Jesus wants us to be, that He would speak clearly to us as to what He would have us do.

The Festival has exhausted us all, physically, mentally and spiritually. We are sill in the process of cleaning up. the volunteers that have remained for clean up have been more than helpful. We thank you for your continued prayer as we see this Festival from preperation to clean up.

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