Saturday, July 22, 2006

To Every Season - July Update

(Spelling correction for “Team UK” Mission e-letter that went out, Numbers 13 ASSESS the people)

I do not think that resting is actually a word in Freedom Seed’s dictionary.

Well, maybe that isn’t quite true. The Lord has taught us a lot over the years of being on the road (we are now in our 8th year) and in ministry about resting when He tells you to rest, and finding that place in Him that is named Rest.

So let me explain my opening sentence.

During our time here in Minnesota so far we have had countless people asking us how our “rest” is going.

Well I’m going to let you in on the secret.

We have worked on the “cabin”, dug a new outhouse, and cleaned up the woods around the house. Put in firewood. Helped the Burns (the people who gave us the cabin, we live a few hundred feet away from each other) dig holes and clean up and prepare for building their house.

Our e-mail and webpage went down for almost 2 weeks.

We have held a “Communion”.

We have slogged our way through re-entry culture shock.

This week we have spent 3 hours a day driving to a tent meeting in a very rural part of the countryside where we are the worship team. We were happy to host the speaker at our camper for a night and get to know him a bit. Last night was a Spanish speaking night and we were able to connect with an outreach to the Latin-Americans close to Bemidji (there are quite a few Latin-American people here because of a fabric factory) where they teach English classes, we will be joining them to help teach and to play music.

Saturday will be our day of rest this week as some of us (Jasmine, Aubrey and Matthias) prepare to council at camp for the next week.

After camp our plan is to make it to Sioux Falls SD to make a CD.

During that time the Burns will be building their house, Matthias and Tony will be heavily involved in the construction.

Jasmine and Aubrey are preparing for their 4-week outreach-scouting trip to the UK (if you would like more information about that please drop us a note and let us know). They will be leaving in the beginning of September.

Freedom Seed is also finishing it’s move to Minnesota as we have ministry paperwork to organize, drivers licenses to change… all the things that pertain to moving, not just a family but a ministry as well.
Plans are in motion for this fall, we will be “leaking” information about that soon.

Please keep us in your prayers as the rising gas prices are a large consideration in all of this and as Freedom Seed steps out in more and more diverse ministries and begins to share about the larger vision of the Mobile Youth Church travel is high on the list as well as varying outreach tools.

We are praying for you – you do not leave our thoughts or consideration.

In His faithfulness

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