Thursday, July 13, 2006

Still Traveling

But for a fleeting moment wheels are stopped, but it won’t be long before the “Mother Load’s” wheels roll on.

Actually we will be rolling along again tomorrow morning.

First of all we would like to extend a large CONGRATS! To the Kovar family who have been supporters and friends of ours for several years now. They have just welcomed in to their family Elijah Daniel Kovar, yesterday morning at 1:20 a.m. to be exact. CONGRATS! We are off to Palacios TX from our current destination of Rockdale TX.

The other CONGRATS! due is to our very own… you guessed it… Aubrey Jean Pemberton! who last Sunday turned 18!

The service last weekend in Laredo TX was great. We were able to involve some of the local youth at the church as well as a couple of our young translator friends from Nuevo Laredo in the service. We were blessed to see God working in people’s lives as they responded to alter call for prayer. We were blessed by Primera Iglesia Bautista (First Baptist Church).

Also while we were there we had quite a different kind of cultural experience. Laredo hosts a huge parade for George Washington’s birthday (also known as Presidents Day). It is hosted by Budweiser (yes the horses were actually there) and boasts multiple elaborate floats of George Washington and Martha Washington, well at least people depicting them, the costumes are incredible which we are told is part of a competition. Not only is there George and Martha but there is also Pocahontas, (do not ask us what they have to do with each other or how any of this is much connected with Laredo TX because we don’t know). The parade also boasts schools from both sides of the border as well as a whole lot of dance troupes and much more. People were camped out the whole night before just so that they could have spaces for their chairs during the parade; which, by the way, lasted for over 3 hours.

I am going to switch gears a little bit on “ya’ll” and tell you about what is coming up for us in Palacios where we will be spending about a week and half. We will be playing music and speaking/preaching at several different churches as well as at a series of youth revival meetings. We are praying to see some FIRE!

Also on the plate we have been sending out an e-mail about a “event”, if you must call it that, that we will be hosting in July. If you are interested please drop us a note and we will be sure and get a copy of the letter sent to you.

“On the road… (again just doesn’t seem to quite fit)”

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