Thursday, July 13, 2006

End Of Communion

Finding the words to express all that our days of Communion brought about is almost impossible.

Though we held "the" Communion on a certain set of days for a certain amount of time we would like to point out to you all that communing with one another and with Christ is not for aset amount of time, it has no end. We would like to invite you to come visit with us at any time during the summer here, outside of Bemidji at our cabinm come; stay as long as you want.
"The Communion" is set only because we know that you need to be able to make plans, travel plans and times so that you can get off work.

Communing is the purpose of Freedom Seed, to commune with Christ and with others, sharing in the joys, triumphs, sorrows and pains of Christ and His Body..

During the time of the Communion we were blessed to share in many of these things.

A young married couple came to the Comjmunion (they had only been married a week) and we watched as God worked changes in them through the communion that we took each night and through the sharingm we were excited to watch as God moved in their lives and blessed their new marriage as they washed each others feet, what a way to get started on a life-long journey!

We listened as people poured out their pains and sorrows about the felloship they were lacking and about the choices that they had made.

We watched as everyone quietly listened to each person, giving them the space and the respect of listening and not commenting but sharing in whatever the speaker was saying. People shared Bible verses, writingsm, their various arts, some just shared by serving others, cooking the meals, cleaning up. There were no chore lists and no real schedule and yet everything fit together and nothing was left undone, no one was left out.

Our good friend John Parsons ( came and shared about the use of media in presenting the gospel, referring to them as the "roman roads" and "Greek language" of our day. 4 teams of people made video presentations of some Biblical truth that had impacted them and were taught how to edit and film them by John and his son in law. The films that came out of this excercise were incredible. One young man was very impacted by this part of the Communion in particular and will be helping Freedom Seed with putting together DVDs of pictures and video. There is more than one person that will be carrying on with using filming as a way to communicate the gospel message.

Freedom Seed Mobile Youth Church also gained a new member.

At the end of our time together we were sad to see everyone go but joyful to see what God had done in each person's life.

Communion was sweet.

Thank you to all of you who kept this Communion in your prayers, to those of you who helped to support it.

Please keep in mind our invitation to come and "commune" (visit) at any time, and that is not an empty invitation.

May God bless you all and bring you into a sweet communion with Himself and those around you.

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