Thursday, July 13, 2006

All Over Texas

Like I said, we are trooping all over the great state of Texas. Well divisions of us are anyway. Tony, Jasmine, Aubrey and Matthias went to Palacios Texas over the weekend to speak to 3 churches and connect with people we know down there. Our "home church" is in Palacios TX as well as a supporting church of ours. We were glad to connect with people and get a chance to share about what God has been doing in the last 8 (or 9 or something like that...) months that we have been away. We were all impressed with how much Tony could say and update about in 3 minutes (missions moments is what they are called, if you didn't already know that).

Tracy's mom (Pat) is settling in to her new place quite well. We have spent time helping her get familiar with her new surroundings and trying to get all her banking and care taken care of.

It was Sharayah's 15th birthday yesterday... our youngest memeber is no longer quite so young and the rest of us are just feeling downright old. Congrats Sharayah!

We do have a new address. Now, pay attention now because this is important, for us and you, but, we admit, mostly for us.

If you would like to write us a letter or send us mail please note that our address has been changed to:

Freedom Seed (Pembertons)
c/o Burns
44526 County Rd 3
Becida, MN 56678

IF you are a supporter or would like to send a donation PLEASE e-mail and let us know as we need to give you directions on how to do that.

We are, during this time, preparing to go to Mexico. We will be going to language school and working with ministries and indviduals while we are there. If you would like more info on the Mexico part of our ministry please drop us a note and let us know.

Also, we would like you to let us know how you like the web page as well as sending some constructive criticism as to how you like our updates, are they too vague, too long...??? It is coming up to the first of the year and we would like a year end report from you! So please take the time to go to our contact page and let us know what you think.

We hope you are all planning a fun Christmas. Remember those that are not remembered, Christmas parties are the perfect chance to reach out to those who are alone or have nowhere to be. Remember Him by remembering them.

Enjoy the Holiday Season and may it be a blessed time!

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