Thursday, July 13, 2006

Staying in Sioux Falls a Little Longer

***The COFFEE TALK has been (finally) UPDATED!***

I hope that you have all taken the time within the last couple of days to check out the *NEWSLETTER*, *ZAP* and *COFFEE TALK* (the Coffee Talk was just updated today so go check it out).

Things have been crazy busy around here. You have read the updates on what has gone on this summer and I hope have taken the time to see some of the photos that have been put up. The summer was a very busy and very blessed time. But I do not think that it is going to beat this winter!

For those of you who don’t know we are staying in Sioux Falls SD and will be here at least until the beginning of the New Year, most likely until February. This next couples of months are pretty much completely full of things that we will be doing and those are just the things that are down on the calendar let alone the things that God is going to bring in to our lives unexpectedly.

We will be going to Mexico 3 times in the next 4 months as well as minor trips in the US, Sheridan Wyoming and Bemidji MN in the next 2. There are also outreaches going on here in Sioux Falls.

We have played a lot of worship lately which has been awesome. Matthias and Aubrey have started a band and they are playing for the first time on Saturday for an outreach before Halloween. We hope to get some photos of it for you all.

We know that the Lord is doing something new here, not only in us but also in Life Light. It has just been awesome what God has done through both of our ministries working together as partners.

For more of a full update please see the *NEWSLETTER*.

God bless!

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