Thursday, July 13, 2006

Mexico Missions

Welcome to the first day of December and the last day of this year without a bit of snow in sight here in Sioux Falls SD. I don't know about you but this year has flown.

On Saturday at about 11 p.m. Matthias, Sharayah, Jasmine and Tony arrived "home" from Juarez Mexico where they had gone with the short term LifeLight missions team as help. They all translated a whole lot as well as being involved in the activities that went on. It was a very good trip, God did some neat things and we saw some great things. Tony preached to a church that was full and overflowing... there was standing room only and well as people spilling out in to the courtyard. It was just amazing to see as it was cold outside. We were priviledged to see people give their hearts to the Lord in that service. The neat thing was that it was not just women (which happens quite a bit in Mexico, the women are more open to the gospel and it is hard to reach the men) but also men. It started just slowly with just one hand and then space and another and another, it was awesome.

We spent time ministering on the streets as well as putting on "Bible clubs". These or not things that Freedom Seed usually does as we usually are living at a place while we are in Mexico and so the forms of ministry is very much different. In most of these things we were translators for people but also just all-around do it all people. It was great to see how God worked in the lives of the people that came on the trip. There is nothing that will break you down faster than being in a place that you do not understand around people and a language that you do not understand around people that you don't know very well for the most part (your team), God uses it as such a tool to break down ALL deffences, and there were broken people.

The pastors and ministers that we worked with and met were just awesome, the native ministers and also several full-time ministers from the States. Our mexican brothers and sisters hearts of service was just overwhelming at some times as they went above and beyond the "call of duty" with the team that went down even to the point of going and buying gas for a furnace that they had no money to pay for but easily shrugging it off and saying "God provides". It was a blessing to be with them as well as a great example.

The drive back from Mexico was a little hairy as about 30 of the 40 people on the trip were sick and throwing up! this particular team had a whole bunch of children on it as well (there was about 15 or so 13 and under). That made for a very interesting ride! a real "missionary experience" for these first-timers but that wasn't quite the end of the "missionary adventure" about 45 minutes out of Sioux Falls the Life Light bus broke down. The engine had blown. Now the missionary adventure was complete. They good thing was that there was a bus that was only a couple of minutes away that came and picked everyone up and we did all make it to Sioux Falls, a lot later than originaly planned and a little travel worn and sick but all in one piece :o). With plenty of stories for people to tell of the faithfulness of God and also the boldness of sharing their faith with others. As a foot note on that please be in prayer for Life Light as they now do not have a bus and there is another trip scheduled at the end of December. Pray for His guidance and His provision.

Just yesterday we were informed that we are to be given 2 vans! a church that we have worked with before has talked about it for a while and now has made the decision. We are going to need to get them, they are in Texas, and it sounds as if we might be able to meet someone part of the way or so but either way that is a pretty long haul. We are very excited about the vans and can't wait to see how He will work everything out. (see, give away a suburban and all of the sudden you have 2 vans...................hehehe)

We have a concert coming up on the 11th at a Christian coffee house here in Sioux Falls, we are excited about that.

AWESOME! there is just no other word for what God is doing and what He has planned.

Please keep LifeLight in your prayers as they are going through a difficult time. We know that the Lord has put us here for "such a time as this" so pray for our strengthening as well.

We are pretty much all sick with colds so please pray that the Lord would heal us.

Thank you for your prayers, support, love.

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