Thursday, July 13, 2006

Back in the USA

I am now technically back in charge of our web page. For those of you who didn’t

know a good friend has been taking care of all the internet posting during our

time in Mexico, meaning… that yes, Freedom Seed is back in the USA. We returned state

side on Thursday evening. We spent a two days in Palacios Texas to pick up our

camper and to visit with some supporting churches.

We are glad to be meeting up with churches and people again and telling them of

all that God has done in the past 5 months but we can not say that our physical

bodies are as happy as we are experiencing some culture shock and our stomachs

are trying to re-adjust to the food.

Thank you to all of you for your prayers and support during our time in Mexico.

To see photos please go to: and see the

album “Mexico 2006”.

We will be making fast tracks through Texas and South Dakota right on to

Minnesota. If you want to grab us on our way through please let us know, we will

be trying to visit as many churches and individuals as possible. The reason for

our fast pace is we still have to move all of our banking, ministry papers, address


all other such things to Minnesota and we have many many things to do before


are ready for the 4th of July Communion. (If you are interested in the Communion

please let us know as we will soon be sending out information but only through

our Newsletter e-mail list so if you are not on it but would like to be please


us a note through our “contact us”).

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