Thursday, July 13, 2006

Freedom Seed House

We are getting close to leaving our hermitage (dubbed "The Freedom House") for the time being. And I would be lying to say that I wasn't a little bit reluctant. I think that we all are.

But, we are also looking forward to what God has in store in the next couple of days, weeks.

We have a few more things to do here in the North Woods before we head out but as the next couple of days will be fairly busy with people and things I thought I would take the time to give you all a run down on all that "resting" has entailed to Freedom Seed.

• Demolitioning and rebuilding, of walls, stairs... ect.

• (lots of) Painting

• Building, outhouse, trim work, new walls and stairs.

• Late night visiting with returned short-term missionaries. Visits with other ministers, as well as visiting, sharing and listening to others.

• Clearing woods.

• Missionary training (we have a young woman with us who is preparing for full-time missions). Exhorting.

• Preparing for the tour.

• Praying and seeking the Lord.

It has been wonderful to work with our hands.

To see some pictures go to or go to our "links" page and click on "Photos".

All of the remodeling has been done with the old materials or the materials around the house.

We were given paint by a man who owns a paint shop in Sioux Falls and it has been a great blessing, thank you!

Thank you to all of you who have prayed for us during this time of seeking.

Thank you Clayton for giving up your house for the call of God on your life and how faithful He is to have it fulfilling a call of another.

Thank you Burns for your companionship, encouragement and help.

Thank you Jesus for all the time and connection.

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