Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thanksgiving '05

Thanksgiving if my favorite Holiday. It is the favorite Holiday of the Pemberton family as a whole.

Our hearts are full of thanks-giving.

Our time in Bemidji has been awesome, refreshing, and yet filled with lots of physical work as well as a lot of discussion and prayer.

We have been comparing notes with one of our elders and others, getting a general feel for what God is doing "Jesus did nothing that He did not see the Father doing.".

The cabin is looking beautiful, we laugh as what we have been working with is other people's junk and yet it turns out that it is a beautiful treasure...hhmmm... maybe that is what our Father sees when He looks at these shattered lives.

We are preparing to spend a little under 6 months in Mexico starting in January. A young woman from Sioux Falls SD will be living with us during that time as well. Tracy and Jasmine (maybe Sharayah) will be attending language school. Please pray that God would already be opening doors in the hearts of the Mexican around who we will be living.

Tracy's mom (Pat) will be moving to San Marcos Texas December 2. That also means that Freedom Seed will be moving it's "office". Keep these logistics in your prayers as we are trying to find the most efficient way of making this move.

As always, we love to hear from you so drop us a note!

His peace be on you.

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