Thursday, July 13, 2006

"World Mandate" Conference and Missions

Incredible really is not the word I would use for what went on during this trip. Not because incredible is too big of a word but because it does not even begin to cover the work that God did in and among people there and there is no way that I can even begin to tell you all that happened.

The “World Mandate” conference was a great way to kick off the mission trip. It brought everyone to the place of thinking about missions and removing personal blocks in their lives that they had between them and God or between them and their ability to serve God. It was very challenging and a great blessing.

We were incredibly blessed by the encampment where we were able to stay during the Mandate. Thank you, you have such servant’s hearts.

We were able to “gel” in our small teams as well as the larger team while we were there and get an idea of what we might be doing while we were in Mexico.

Though I do not think that any amount of talking can prepare you for the work that God does in your life. The shaking and changing that happens.

In Mexico there were great experiences but more than just experience it was change. I know that I keep coming back to that point but that is the most impacting part of a missionaries “job” is to watch God work His biggest miracle.

The Mexican churches that we worked with were wonderful. The served so lovingly, setting such an example for the service that we were to do for their people during the week.

We ended up not having many translators the first day and not near enough on the second but God really worked that out as translators either came out of nowhere or there was not much need of them.

One really neat thing to see was a couple of young people from one of the churches that we worked with come first as translators but as the days went on they began to be the ones that shared the message, no longer translating but giving the message themselves.

Freedom Seed does not like to quote numbers but it was really neat to see around 100 people come to Christ through the 4 teams that we split our larger team in to (totally about 44 people).

The vans that we received were very much a blessing to us and the team that came down as every day we had to go 4 different directions so our vehicles were main transportation. God works in such great ways with perfect timing.

We are looking forward to seeing how people walk out what they have received and learned in the places that they have returned to. There was some awesome sacrifices on the part a lot of the people who came and God did not overlook that……

The call went out… the response? ……………………..

Blessings in Christ our Savior the Redeemer.

Just a quick add on. This morning we had quite the cultural experience as here in Laredo they had a very large parade lasting 3 hours having up to 10 dance studios involved as well as high schools from the States and Mexico as well as the Budweiser Shires (horses) and at least 10 floats of George and Martha Washington not to mention tons of law enforcement. Wow… stop right there. Did I say George and Martha Washington? You bet I did. Just a little bit of interesting Laredo history; down here they celebrate George Washington’s bday from the 27th of January to the 20th of February!

We were a little bummed that our team didn’t get to see it… Greg man, you missed out on a photo extravaganza like no other. )

We are headed to Waco today. Please keep us and the team in your prayers.

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