Thursday, July 13, 2006

We just had our socks blessed off!

We just spent the weekend in Bemidji and took Mark and Zigrid (who are a couple who are full time in the ministry with LifeLight and whom live on the same place as the Greenes who run LifeLight, the place that we are staying right now). We just had our socks blessed off! We were able to see the young people that the Lord really touched during this summer and saw that the fire was still burning bright and that they are stepping out in to the things that the Lord has for them.

We had great fellowship and rest time even while being very busy. We stayed with some friends the Burns and that was just a blessing, they actually moved out of their house and stayed in their RV so that all of the missionaries could move in to their house for 4 days! It was a great blessing and a lot of fun, a time to talk about Jesus and to roll ideas around with some Godly people.

We are waiting on the Lord for the plan for the winter as well as continuing to be here at Life Light helping out.

Please check out the photo albums again as they have just been updated. There are a couple more photos of Life Light and the team that was up there, some of Souix Falls and Tony and Tracy's 20th wedding anniversary as well as pictures of the trip we just took. There are some really pretty photos in the Bemidji/Itasca folder so check them out!

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