Thursday, July 13, 2006

What God is Doing in Bemidji

Hello all from Bemidji, MN!

We have been very busy while we have been here and are about to head off to camp so we will not be online for about 10 days starting this Sunday (the 18th).

Every night we have a camp fire going on and spend time talking about what the Lord is doing, what He has done and speaking about peoples lives and looking for what the Father’s heart is in each individual. It might seem strange that a camp fire and people that are willing to take the time to listen not only to the Father but to the people that come around can be ministry but it has been one of the most effective that we have seen. We have been very blessed while we have been here. It has been exciting seeing the Lord work. This past weekend we had all kinds of people from the church here come out and camp over the weekend. It has been a real time of fellowship in the Lord and just an open place for people to be ministered to.

We have spoken twice here at the church and will be speaking every day at the camp (Tracy and Tony) as well as doing the worship. Jasmine has put together a youth band and choir for camp. We are working on getting the youth in to ministry, ACTIVATE! In-between teen camp and children's camp we will be taking a team of young people (the band) to a church in a small town about 2 hours drive from Bemidji. After camp we will be playing at the church that we are staying at now again before we leave for Sturgis.

The Lord has really been faithful in showing us what we are to speak to the youth about and how to present it. We are looking forward to what He is going to do.

We have met yet another person that has offered for us to go to a foreign country. This time Sweden. We are not sure what the Lord is going to do with that opening but we will keep it in our prayers. If we were to do such a thing we would want to take a team. As it is there are all kinds of openings to share in Sweden. You can even speak in the public schools and in their religion classes. They are looking for pastors.

After our time here that we have been allowed to try out some things and the time spent with the other Christians here we have our whole outline for the rest of the summer.

There is also another missionary couple that are headed on the road this summer that we know from Scotland. They will be with us in Sturgis and Life Light. Please keep them in your prayers. John and Chris Parsons.

For the moment this is the update. We are hoping to get a Newsletter and a ZAP up a little later today or tomorrow. May God’s blessing rest on you all as you are active in the work that He has prepared for you.

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