Thursday, July 13, 2006


It is hard to believe that we have only been in Guadalajara MX for two weeks, in

one way it feels like we have been here much longer and in another way it feels

like we are leaving tomorrow already.

School is going very well for Tracy, Jasmine and Rachel. It is incredible how

much can be learned in just 2 weeks, we count ourselves very blessed to be able

to come back to this school and learn the Spanish language.

Sharayah decided not to attend language school and has instead taken a

¨job¨helping our friends out at their restaurant, as she does that they are

teaching her spanish and she has plenty of opportunities to practice!

Matthias, Aubrey and Tony have various friends that they are practicing with and

learning from, they are also taking care of all the home related stuff while we

are at school.

It has been incredible how much we have already been able to share Christ with

people, the neat thing is is that they are approaching us about our faith. We

are being asked questions about whether Christ really is the Son of God, about

the Trinity, about Catholisism vs. Christianity, about homosexuality... and the

list goes on. It has also been suggested that we start a Bible study. Please

pray that we have the Christ´s words to tell these people and His wisdom in how

we should continue. They openings that we have into people´s lives here are

pretty much unheard of.

English is a huge opening for us to share here. We have been asked to start some

english classes and are looking in to how we can use the Bible as a tool to

teach English. We have also been invited to 2 public schools to help with

English classes for children and young adults. We were invited to the schools be

a Christian teacher because he would like for us to share with the children and

youth while helping them with their English pronunciation. Both Aubrey and

Matthias are looking at going to the children´s class while several of us who

are going to school go to the youth class. We will let you know how that goes.

We have been completely blessed by the support that we have recieved for the

time here. Also, the house that we have in working out great. We now have hot

water which is awesome. We also were given 2 small tables and some chairs as

well as various other little things. We were able to buy a used refrigerator and

a washing machine (it is not what you think when you think washing machine, a

small agitator on one side and a spinner on the other), we are so happy to have

both of these things, especially the washer as our clothes will fair much better

down here this time, not to mention our hands and arms!

To finish this letter up we would once again like to say that we are giving an

open invitation for those of you who would like to come here on a short term

mission trip. We need to know soon how many people that we need to prepare for

so that we can set some things up. Please let us know. We have another

missionary from Juarex MX coming down in Febuary for a time. Let us know when

you would like to.

We are once again looking at and praying about a long term base here in

Guadalajara Mexico. God has made some incredible relationships here not only

with the local people but we also know many missionaries here. The Lord has

placed a love in our hearts for this place just as we love you all. Please keep

this in your prayers.

We have found a church to attend while we are here in Guad. there are other

missionaries, great worship, preaching, lots of youth. We are attending with a

friend of ours that we have worked with in missions.

We are blessed to have found a place and hope to able to make great

relationships as well as being able to encourage and find more mission

opportunities (the public school door opened through one of the men from that


Thank you all who have been sending encouraging e-mails.

We love you all.

May Christ move your hearts in prayer.

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