Thursday, July 13, 2006

Guad. School Update and More

Tracy, Jasmine and Rachel have succesfully completed their levels of school! And

may I tell you... we are very happy about that. We have a week break before we

start our second set out school, we are very happy to have the break. Also,

their only concern was whether or not the would keep all their scores in the

90´s or not... so as you can see they have been fairly good students.

More that just that though, our ability to speak has improved immesily already.

Thank you to all of you who have made that possible. I would now like to let you

in on what has been going on and how some of the plans I was telling you all

about are progressing...

First, just some physical details. Most of us (Pembertons) have not been in to

the dentist in enough years that we are actually embarrassed to let you all

know... so we will leave the number unsaid. Since the prices for dental work or

so much better here (by no means cheap but MUCH MUCH better) Sharayah has been

able to go in and get some work done of cavities... Aubrey got a desperatly

needed cleaning only to find that she had multiple cavities... which will be

fixed today. Also, Aubrey has been in need of braces now for several years,

since the prices are amazingly lower here we have decided to just go for it, so

Aubrey is slowly in the process of getting braces done. Matthias has to go in

and get some cavities fixed... and Tony has never had his wisdom teeth removed

which have been killing him for the past couple of years. OK, quite a mouthfull

(literally) I know. We are really thankful that this time down here we are able

to get some emergency work done and possibly some preventative work and still be

able to eat diner! We will see how much gets done.

Tomorrow we have a missionary from Juarez Mexico coming to stay with us for a

while. We are looking forward to the time we will get to spend with him and are

hoping that this time can be a break for him as well as enjoyable.

We have another missionary couple coming next week to move in with us

and go to

their next levels of school as well.

At the beginning May we are going to have Malachi Perez (hip-hop artist)come

down from Washington state. On that first Friday we are going to have a hip-hop

concert and it looks like there will be 3 bands. We will also have a team down

from MN to help with this and to go door to door and pass out flyers... be

prayer help. Also we think we have found a young man to give a message that is

on fire for Christ. It looks like all told the whole concert will cost about

$2,000, if anyone is interested in ¨adopting¨ either the hip-hip artist hotel

stay, the sound equip, or the flight please let me know.

We feel that God is really moving our hearts in that this will be a serious

outreach to gang members or x-members that are traying to find a new way of

life. Our upstairs neighbor that I have kept you updated on is one of those, so

are all his friends. We have been greatly blessed to be able to build a

relationship with him and now his baby and the mother of the baby, his other

friends are now getting curious and asking Matthias questions obout Christ and

telling him how they try to drown their pain with drugs and alcohol, how they

can´t stop. These are young men that have just lost several friends from

drive-by shootings not 6 blocks from our house... these are young people that

have grown up ¨on the streets¨ who have run drugs, who are burried in a

depression and a hurt so deep that they try to kill themselves.

These are who we want to reach for and pray that the message through music and

prayer and speaking will touch their hearts.

Please, pray for them, pray for this event... pray for us that we would have the

words. God has given an incredible gift of feeling His compassion for these

young people. Our hearts are breaking for them, let Him break your heart for

them as well.

We attended church last night with Damian (the young man upstairs) his baby and

the baby´s mom, they are trying to work on their relationship and trying to find Christ, God really touched them last night through the service. Tracy had a chance to pray for them both and Damian was broken. We were able to take themout to dinner afterwards and talk with them.

God is growing the relationship and expanding the circle of relationships.

I could go on and on about more that is going on at the moment but I think that this is sufficient for one.

I just want to leave you with this last thought. Pray - and pray until He breaks your heart.

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