Thursday, July 13, 2006

Prayer Requests

This is a short update from Sioux Falls before we are off on the first of several mission trips to Mexico that we are co-leading with memebers of LifeLight (if you have not had a chance to check out their website yet please take the chance now: We will be in Mexico for 10 days.

That brings me to my first prayer request.

#1. Aubrey has been sick now for several weeks with a cold with fairly severe coughing, she is doing better now but the recovery is really making her tired and slow. We ask that you pray for the Lord's healing before we head to Mexico as we do not want her to be making the trip if she is still sick.

#2. Our Macintosh Laptop that we have used very extensivley for over 5 years now has just about had it. We took it in to get looked at and they basically told us that it was no longer worth what it would take to fix it because at that expense we might as well buy another computer. It is still working at the moment but there is no telling when it will stop. That would severly cut back on our communications. We would like to get another Mac laptop. Please keep that in your prayers.

#3. This prayer request comes with a great story...

"Once apon a time... there once were 3 young men that travel and do music, a good deal of it on the reservations, there were 2 young rap artists and their DJ. They were traveling in a van but on their way to Sioux Falls SD they had an accident and no longer had a car to travel in. With stitches and some bruises they did a show in Sioux Falls where they met Freedom Seed who Red Cloud (one of the rap artists)already knew to some extent.

Now Freedom Seed knows what it is like to be without something that is necessary to do the Lord's work and the thought came in to some of their heads that "oh we'll be praying for you" but was that really enough?" So, at the end of this story, we gave the Suburban that has been absolutely incredible for us, that our brother's and sister's in Texas got for us, to Red Cloud and friends.

They were so incredibly blessed! they really could not afford to rent a car and have gigs all over as well as having to get back to CA. It was great to be able to receive such a gift and great to be able to pass it on.

So that brings me to our other prayer request. Depending on what the Lord has in mind we might be in need of another vehicle. Right now some brother's and sister's are letting us use vehicles which has just been awesome. We don't really know if we need another vehicle or not as we are not sure what the Lord wants to do. So just keep it in your prayers. So Texas family, that is where the Suburban now is, passed on to more use of spreading the gospel, may it run forver... (well of course... ya'll know what I mean :o) ).

#4. Please be praying for wisdom on our parts on how to proceed with a lot of the requests that we have had here in Sioux Falls. There has been a lot of things asked of us and a lot of fairly large opportunities. These are rather large decisions. Please be praying that the Lord will lay on ALL of our hearts what He would have us do.

As the last request please keep the whole Mexico missions team in your prayers. There will be 45 people going down, quite a few young children. Quite a few of the people have never been to Mexico before.

Thank you for your prayers. If you have things that you would like us to be in prayer about for you all then please e-mail us and let us know.

In Christ's peace and overwhelming joy,

Jasmine for Freedom Seed

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