Thursday, July 13, 2006


We are back on the road again after our day and a half of rest. This time we are headed to Watertown SD and Lincoln NE (Remedy Drive's home town).

Tony stayed behind this time as it is getting cold and our bus needs to have a furnace in it as well as minor things done on the rest of the vehicles and contact made with people in Texas as we will be headed south again soon. We have a tenative plan of maybe making it to Louisiana to help with the hurricane clean up and ministry that is still ongoing. We will be working with Mike Macintosh (Horizon Church, an offshoot of Calvary Chapel). We will make stops in multiple churches and ministries while we are in Texas. We are also praying about finishing language school in Guadalajara Mexico this winter... more on that to come. Please keep all these things in your prayers.

The rest of us are looking forward to the rest of the tour and what God is going to do in others and in ourselvers.

Once again, if you have not checked out these web sites then I highly suggest that you do so.

Remedy Drive

Ryan Daniel



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