Thursday, July 13, 2006

Testimonies from Youth Camp

Here are a few quotes that were given as testimony or that were written in the prayer room that went on for the whole youth camp 24 hours a day by the youth and staff and continued on in the kids camp most of the time.

"at the beginning of camp he (my friend) didn't want more of God and last night he (my friend) broke through and worshipped God with all he (my friend) had"

"Before I came to camp I was on my way to Hell. I hated everyone and every part of my life, but God saved me..."

"I felt like my burden was gone from me because of God"

"I do not want just an experience with you but for us to spend our lives together. To be close to you and know you, be with you my creator, my friend and my end...I love you..."

"I just want to confess that right now that to you. I need to give you my life I need to walk in you..."

"I pray that everyone will praise you in everything they do, because I know that I haven't. From now on until I grow old I will praise you..."

"Daddy why do you love us so much I know I don't deserve it......."

"I love you...your child."

"God is awesome! Tonight God delivered me from rom some really bad stuff. Things that I was too ashamed to tell..."

"God does not care how you pray as long as you do..."

"What do you want me to do? I yield."

"I am full of pride. Please please replace it........."

"God, you have touched so many lives this week in such a powerful way I am changed and so are many others..."

"The enemy can't have them! They belong to Jesus!"

There are countless more like this. We want you to all be as blessed as we are with what God did in this camp and thank you for our sake and theirs for your prayers and support that got us here.

Wow that is all we can say.... Go God!!!

We are headed out tomorrow after church to meet in SD (that is where we are now) with the Lifelight Festival people and then onto Sturgis for the next couple of weeks then back to Lifelight. Lots of hours across South Dakota.

Several people from here are meeting us in Sturgis and we have been asked to do speaking on families there. Please continue to pray for that and for the Christian Crusaders and their families, these are the ministers we work with there. Also for inspiration as to how to reach the youth that are out on the streets there in Sturgis.

We are having many young people join us at Lifelight from the camps so they can go on and continue in ministry helping there and praying and also to fellowship some more.

We do not know what comes next after the middle of September so please pray for direction as well.

That's it for the moment we will try to update after each event or in the middle for prayer requests as we can get online

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