Thursday, July 13, 2006

Rain, Commisioning, Preaching, Renovation

Palacios Texas in March can make one feel like a wet sponge that just came out of the microwave… it has rained and rained and rained since we have been here, I heard in theory that it was beautiful this past couple of days but I wasn’t actually here to see it (Tony, Jasmine and Aubrey were in Mexico, more on that later).

The Pembertons were commissioned by our home church this past weekend, our appreciation to the Mission Service Corp and to 1st Baptist Palacios. I shouldn’t be too hard on this town because there has been about 2 days of beautiful sun-shiny weather. But other than that…

We have participated in various things since we have been here. The Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) group was in at the camp right after we got here so we were able to be a help while staying here. As well as serving several other times, we appreciate them letting us stay here.

Also we have played and preached at several different churches and youth/children groups. This Sunday (tomorrow) we will be in 3 different services just in the morning! Whoever said Sunday was a day of rest was not a Pastor, missionarly or a musician, but we are looking forward to it.

The EvangeCube is a great tool to use and we were able, during the training we went to in Longview, to teach them how to use it. They used the cube did VBS and put on dramas. We were able to build relationships and are looking forward to seeing how God is going to continue to use them in the future.

This past couples of days Tony, Jasmine and Aubrey have been in Mexico with Mobberly Baptist Church out of Longview Texas. It was a great trip and the Lord was really with us all as the border crossings really couldn’t have been any easier and it was neat to be a part of the Mobberly youth in their trip and watch them work and learn and grow.

Tony was excited as he was able to talk to a federale (one of the men on the Mexican side who do border checks) and share a bit with him as well as giving him a bible (that the man asked for).

We are planning on leaving Palacios on Tuesday or Wednesday. We will be going up near Dallas TX as Jasmine and Tracy are going to the Global Expeditions (Teen Mania, Acquire the Fire) leadership training where they hope to learn more about training youth in missions as well as meeting other people who have a heart for youth in missions. They will most likely be leading trips this summer, we will keep you posted on that. It is hard to tell you all what else went on because when God is working His inner workings are so personal to people that it would only cheapen and offend to put it out for other eyes to see.

Renovation is taking place all over, in our lives, in others lives and also in the life of our website as one of the young men who was in the trip that we just recently took to Nuevo Laredo MX is in the process of putting together a whole new webpage for us! We are looking forward to having it up.

May your Easter time be blessed and filled with change – new life.

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