Thursday, July 13, 2006

Some Things to Sort Out


We are in Becida (or Solway depending on who you ask, and don't bother asking the post office because they will take either) Minnesota at the Freedom Seed cabin/base camp which has been named "The Source".

We have had web problems and e-mail problems, mail problems, banking issues... we do not have running water and recently tried to put a well in, tried is the key word in that sentence, for now the well drilling has been put on the back shelf as we get the place cleaned up and ready for this year's Freedom Seed Communion (i.e. mission camp).

As you might have noticed we have a strange date difference going on right now in our updates and that has to do with all of the interesting internet problems that we have been experiencing. Things are about to change once more on the Freedom Seed web page as we go through another change in the seasons of growth of the Freedom Seed.

The Freedom Seed Communion is being held once again this year July 1-5. We are sending out regular updates on the Communion on our Newsletter list, if you would like to receive our Newsletter please send us an contact us letting us know you would like to be added to our list.

OR go to: to see the newest Freedom Seed update and to leave your comments.

We also have a new address:

Freedom Seed
44526 County Rd 3
Becida, MN 56678

We also have a new phone number, if you would like that new number please send us a request.

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elfmom said...

I have just heard your music for the first time and praise God for the word He has given you to send out. We have met you at Becida, but never had the opportunity to learn about your music. You may or may not know Paul is a musician desiring to enter into the ministry and move of God's Spirit through his music also. He plays every day at home, on his guitar, resonator, or harmonica. He is also a great hand drum player. I will share your music with him tonight and I'm sure he will also be blessed. May our Father enlarge your ministry.